Craig parker dating

If you did not know Craig, he was an incredibly special person, with a unique outlook on life.

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I'd love to see her and see if things could progress - she is the ultimate wife.'Craig may have his work cut out for him, however, as Camilla has now coupled up with newcomer Jamie Jewitt, following two successful dates with the former Taking New York star.

Not only did a LOT of shiz happen on the episode, but we got to know the new villain Narcisse, aka Craig Parker, a lot better. He had a father who was a monster, and taught him how to behave.

Which brings us to the conclusion that he will be duking it out with Mary aka Adelaide Kane a lot on the upcoming season. Narcisse has passed it on to his dear son Edward.' 'It was a marvelous scene.

Adelaide is glorious, and it's really our first scene together, I think.

She's pushed this man's son into a room full of plague victims. Again, coming back to the, 'is he a villain or not?


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