Coptic orthodox view dating

Help me now, O Lord, to set down some thoughts, exercises and practices that You have taught me by various means, and I have tried, with variable success.I often forget and peter out in my practice of these as time trundles on, so a written record is a good reminder to me…The devil invaded this territory and corrupted the use of that desire.It is my role to fight, with the grace of God, to win back that territory and restore it to its rightful uses. Yet these small facts have You allowed me to see in Your mercy, O Lord, that did not destroy me quickly, but gives me chance after chance.

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This is manifested in numerous ways, but a clear example is in the context of dating/relationships.People may get hurt in the process and experience debilitating break-ups or demoralizing rejections.This is a start to a new series called “Real Dating.” A lot of people told me they were very very excited about this series that’s going to talk about dating.But like I said, we'll try to see things from a Godly perspective.I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: marriage is not an easy thing.I know that as soon as I say the word "dating", dating has different definitions to different people and everyone has different ideas of what it means to be dating or in a "dating relationship." Some people, self admitted, have NO idea what it means to be dating!


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