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Plus it just looks like you're bringing him into a fun debate—that keeps the tone of your convo light. And, since he's a fan, it's a safe bet that he has a story about how he got into the team, why he thinks they're so amazing, etc. Just like complimenting his cologne is flattering, calling out his awesome fashion sense will make a guy feel great. " Why It Works: Only do this if you really don't know how to use a machine: Guys love to show off their expertise, so asking him for help makes him feel appreciated.This is also a perfect excuse to swap numbers or emails to get more of his watch expertise later. This also gives you the chance to follow up with him again later with something like, "I'd love to buy you a smoothie to thank you for your help." Know how to work everything there better than the trainers?I didn’t know whether it would be better to go for a simple greeting or an attention-grabbing joke.So I did the only logical thing – I made a list and set out on a Friday night to try them, with only a friend and a vodka and soda for support. 1) I approach Matt, a guy with dirty-blonde hair in a parka standing by a jukebox.So don't hide your sexuality and afraid man will see you in a certain way. Internet singles & persönliche community, unterstützt die heißesten, schönsten, & schönsten Users.They key is what state of mind you want him to be in.

While everybody and their very concerned mother has been busy fretting over Snapchat’s new mapping feature — it’s great, I swear! Yes: It’s a dancing, animated hot dog that you can add to photos and videos using the front-facing camera in Snapchat.

It smells amazing." Why It Works: Most men will be flattered that you even noticed them, and telling him that you appreciate something in particular that he's wearing is especially flattering.

You can even follow it up with a joke like, "I walked past you a few times because you smell so good."Say This: "How do you know [insert name of hostess here]?

" Why It Works: We're all attracted to people with similar interests, and showing that you have something (or someone) in common subconsciously makes him feel like you have a lot of shared interests.

Pointing out that you both know the hostess also shows that you've passed the friend test—that is, he knows you must be awesome, or your mutual friend wouldn't be buddies with you. Sussing out your connection to the party is still a great icebreaker. My friend and I were just debating about who is the better quarterback—Mark Sanchez or Tim Tebow. " Why It Works: You want to entice a guy into a conversation (instead of just going up and saying "hi"), and men love to give their opinion. " Why It Works: If he's caught your eye, you probably noticed who he's cheering for, so that's an easy opener. I was just chosen to pick out one for a coworker who's retiring. " Why It Works: Men love watches like we love bags and shoes.


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