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Bulls topped at 5000 as 10 of the 12 offered averaged 700.

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Photo: SUPPLIEDA CRITICAL local service for the vulnerable has had its future safeguarded after the merging of two organisations this week.Canada in the Frame CBC Short Docs Coming In How to Buy a Baby Keep Calm and Decolonize Kids That Are Kind Of Amazing At Stuff… Meet Your Maker My 90-Year-Old Roommate My Kitchen Can Be Anything Queer (Self) Portraits Riftworld: Chronicles Terrific Women That’s What Sheena Said!The Amazing Gayl Pile The Artists: From Pong To Pop And The Dawn Of The Video Game Era The Collective The Nations!But we fear that the proposed new model by which "the money follows the student" will produce random effects in the HE sector, depriving some courses of income streams, and decimating the funding for teaching in some institutions, without any coherent and publicly announced policy in regard to which of these institutions and courses the Government believes should be left to fail. Gough Dr Emily Gowers Professor Hans-F Graf Dr Mia Gray Dr Felicity Green Professor Roger Griffin Timothy G. Haywood Dr Vanessa Heggie Dr Alan Hendrick Ms Maruta Herding Dr Anita Herle Dr David Hillman Dr Catherine Hills Professor Boyd Hilton Professor Melissa Hines Dr Edward Holberton Dr Marian Holness Dr Theodore Hong Dr Nick Hopwood Dr Alex Houen Dr Sarah Houghton-Walker Dr Jana Howlett Dr Michael Hrebeniak Dr Hugh Hunt Dr Emma Hunter Professor Arieh Iserles Professor Mary Jacobus, FBA Hubertus F. Jones Dr Mike Rodman Jones Dr Neil Jones Mr Peter Jones Professor Richard Jozsa Dr Alexandre J. Griffin Daniel Grimley Dr Peter Haarer Dr Volker Halbach Dr Nicholas Halmi Dr Heather Hamill Professor Ralph Hanna Mr R. Hargrave Professor Stephen Harrison Professor Barbara Harriss-White Mr Nicholas Hearn Dr Emma Herdman Volker Heuchert, D. Humphreys Professor Gregory Hutchinson Professor John Hyman Dr Ben Jackson Professor Ann Jefferson, FBA Dr Paul J.As has been publicly announced, this is to be left to the market to decide. Griffin Dr Boris (Berry) Groisman Dr Jonathan Grove Dr Jochen Guck Revd Dr Malcolm Guite Dr Dr Khatuna Gvaradze Dr Maximilian Gwiazda Dr Cesare Hall Professor E. Handley Professor Chris Haniff Professor Philip Hardie, FBA Dr Philippa Hardman Dr R. Kabla Dr Eivind Kahrs Dr Anne-Sophie Kaloghiros Dr Johannes Kaminski Dr Shireen Kanji Dr Geoffrey Kantaris Dr Natalie Kaoukji Dr Shruti Kapila Dr David Kemp Dr Kate Kennedy Professor Simon Keynes, FRHist S, FSA, FBA Dr Jean Khalfa Anny King Dr Lawrence King Professor Jacek Klinowski Dr Andreas Kontoleon Professor Peter Kornicki, FBA Dr Sandra Korte Dr Olga Kucherenko Professor Richard Lambert Professor Christel Lane Dr David Lane Professor Anthony Lasenby Dr Joan Lasenby Adrian Lashmore-Davies Dr Msry Laven Dr Clive Lawson Dr Sian Lazar Lois Lee Melanie Leggatt Dr David Lehmann Professor Angela Leighton Dr Emily Lethbridge Dr Tim Lewens Dr Hallvard Lillehammer Dr Pei-Yin Lin Professor M. Lisboa Mrs Corinne D Lloyd Martin Lucas-Smith Dr Raphael Lyne Professor Alan Macfarlane Dr Robert Macfarlane Dr Mirca Madianou Dr Marta Magalhães Dr Janet Maguire Dr Alyce Mahon Dr Jonathan Mair Dr Nicholas Marston Dr Stuart Martin Professor Jean Michel Massing Dr Neil D. Phil (OXON) Dr Judith Heyer Professor Edward Higginbottom Dr Thomas Hinton Dr Kerstin Hoge Dr Mike Holland Dr Tim Horder Professor Howard Hotson Dr Matt Houlbrook Dr B. Johnson Dr Peter Johnson, MA, D Phil Oxford; MA, MBA Stanford Dr Lindsay Judson Professor Alex Kacelnik Hilary Kalmbach David Karlin, Ph D Dr Adrian Kelly Professor Catriona Kelly, MA D. King Professor Katrin Kohl Dr Britt Koskella Dr Alexander Krasovitsky Dr Philip Kreager Tom Kuhn Dr Helen Lacey F. Lamport Robin Lane Fox Carolyne Larrington Dr Elizabeth Eva Leach Dr David C.The sale was conducted by Ruralco through Grant Daniel Long and interfaced with Auctions Plus Havey Weyman-Jones and Peter Brazier the auctioneers.


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