Blog list not updating Aunties club online now

The problem is easily fixed by following the steps in Clear your browser's cache.

Afterward your browser should display latest version of your website.

When we investigate, the blog feed shows no problem. When we view a blog or website, what we see is subject to caching, on our computers. Our browsers don't waste time (and bandwidth) downloading content from every blog or website we may wish to view, without checking what's in cache - in our browsers, on our computers, and elsewhere.

We display the feed in the browser, and compare with the blog main page - and everything on the main page is in the feed. If the blog or website in question has not been updated since we last viewed it, the browser just shows us our cached content.

Actually I always duplicate my latest post, edit the .markdown file and push it to the repository. looks like it is working to me - is there a post missing still?

Working for over a year now this way, now it just fails to show the updated site. GH recently updated to jekyll 3 and I think there was a change to the way future dates worked, maybe your post filename included a date that was in the future and was not being displayed because of that?

Our blogs are generally crawled based on our update reputation.

If we publish posts daily - but our friends only publish weekly - we're going to see our updates displayed weekly.

That's not a problem with our blogs, with our blog feeds, or even with our friends blogs - it's just how cache affects us.

After purging your site’s cache, purge your browser’s cache and refresh the page as well.

After refreshing the page you should see the updated content on your site!


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