Amber rose who is she dating

to engage in whatever sexual activity she chooses, but her primary platform is not one giant, “go fuck everybody” campaign.

No matter how she has worded herself, that doesn't stop the internet from making the accusation: I have never said that to any grown woman or young girl…literally ever!

The song Sorry features the controversial lyrics: "He only want me when I'm not there/He better call Becky with the good hair."Although the song's writer Wynter Gordon insisted the lyric was not written about anyone specifically, it hasn't stopped fans speculating with the likes of Rachel Roy, Rita Ora and even Rihanna facing baseless accusations.

Though Rose and Khalifa have spent the past eight months or so going through a public split, it’s through Rose’s relationship with West, and by extension the Kardashians, that she became a regular in your newsfeeds.Amber Rose has grown accustomed to being judged and talked about, but there are a few things she doesn't want you to get twisted about her stance on women's rights and sex positivity.The model and entrepreneur took to her Instagram to clear up a few inaccurate notions about her position on sex and gender equality.In February, Rose found herself in the middle of a full-scale social media war after she told NYC radio station Power 105.1 that Kylie Jenner is a "baby" who "needs to go to bed at seven o’clock and relax." If you watch the whole interview, you can see that her ire seems mostly directed at Tyga, Kylie’s rumored boyfriend, for ending his engagement to Rose’s friend Blac Chyna, but that didn’t stop Khloé Kardashian from tearing into Rose on Twitter or West from saying that he had to "take 30 showers" before dating Kim after Rose."I went from 1.2 million [Instagram followers] to 5.5 million in a couple months," Rose says (she now has 6.7 million).Amber Rose and French Montana are sparking reports of romance after the two were spotted in photos getting very flirty in Miami this weekend.


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