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Your revenue will be paid out once a month through a wire transfer to your bank account.

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SOFTEX Bulk filing relaxations Further, as per the bulk filing relaxations (RBI Circular 30 dated Feb 15, 2012), which applies to an exporter exporting 600 SOFTEX Forms in a year, following relaxations apply --''Monthly Soft copy filing of excel summary sheet (prescribed format) giving details of exports, invoice number wise, SOFTEX number wise along with an Annexure with other details-''Hard copy filing with a cover letter along with above summary sheet and annexures (in quadruplicate).

There is no specific requirement to file the SOFTEX Forms, MSA, Contract, invoice copies, etc along with the above filings-''STPI may do a sample audit and only if STPI calls upon exporter to furnish the above documents, the same has to be furnished to the STPI-''Based on soft copy/hard copy filings of the summary sheets, STPI directly sends the data to RBI and the AD Bank as indicated by the exporter (bulk exporter is not required to furnish the certified SOFTEX Form to AD Bank in 21 days)-''Exporter is required to furnish a quarterly statement of collections, invoice wise SOFTEX wise.

Encumbered movable assets are allowed to be taken out of the country.

However, on enforcement, the interest of the lenders is strictly restricted only to the extent of the outstanding claim under the ECB.


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